Why it Pays to be Selective When Hiring a Melbourne Criminal Lawyer

Why it Pays to be Selective When Hiring a Melbourne Criminal Lawyer

The intervention of a Melbourne criminal lawyer is essential for defendants and people of interest in criminal cases. Local members won’t always arrive with the same level of understanding and awareness about their circumstances, being left to face law enforcement and courtroom officials in isolation.

As vital as their services happen to be in this context, it is important not to rush the decision regarding which representative is best for the role. There must be criteria applied in these scenarios because no two solicitors are the same in this setting.

Experience Level Differentiates

The difference in experience level and case profile is really telling when it comes to the work of a Melbourne criminal lawyer. The best will have a well-rounded capability across the board while specialising in a number of categories. From property crime and theft to hate crimes, assault, financial crime, homicide, traffic offences, cybercrime and beyond, it is worthwhile reflecting on the level of experience that these practitioners are bringing to the table before signing an agreement.

Firm Resources Are Unique

It is beneficial not to only judge a Melbourne criminal lawyer in isolation. The firm that they work for informs constituents about the level of resources they have and the kind of assistance is afforded to them. This includes travel expenses, paralegal support and utilities to help with evidence gathering exercises, all components that strengthen the argument for a defendant.

Billing Policies Are Inconsistent

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Melbourne defendants that want the best with a criminal law representative will recognise that there are fairly strong price discrepancies. From the free operators who are appointed by the courts to practitioners that arrive with hefty fees, there are many specialists who reside somewhere in the middle. By taking note of their billing prices and policies including flat fees, hourly rates and retainer agreements, community members will be able to assess what is viable for their bottom line.

Response Time is Continually Tested

How quickly can a Melbourne criminal lawyer answer the call? Even if they look like a good prospect on paper, their communication skills and appetite for the job have to be tested. This is where men and women have to be calculating with their judgement because the response time speaks volumes about their efficiency and willingness to take on the challenge.

Legal Approach is Not Universal

There can be certain operators who act as a Melbourne criminal lawyer where their default position is to take an early plea to minimise the damage and fast track the process. While that can be the best course of action for a number of community members, others will want to fight the case and use the time and resources that are afforded to them. For constituents who are careful about who they select, they will be able to identify someone who genuinely represents their interests instead of looking to fast track the judicial process for their own sake.

Client Satisfaction Level Fluctuates

While a Melbourne criminal lawyer might have earned themselves an incredible reputation in 2008 or won a high profile decision in 2014, that does not mean that they are automatically market leaders by 2022. Reviews on performance are occurring every month for these operators and this is why it is important to scrutinise the feedback of constituents who have used their services before.


In the absence of other options and if time is of the essence, then it is far better to have a Melbourne criminal lawyer in the corner of a client than not. However, for those that have a number of options at their disposal, it is beneficial to judge them against this criteria. It may very well be the difference between a positive and a negative case outcome given the stakes involved.