6 Reasons Why You Should Get Printed Balloons for Your Business

colored balloons

If there’s one thing businesses will never stop benefiting from, it’s increased brand awareness. It’s important to utilise as many marketing avenues as possible in order to be seen by the highest amount of people.

Printed balloons offer a great way to get your business’ name out there in a fun and engaging way. They can be used in fundraising efforts, at corporate events, or simply as giveaways. As they can be personalised, they also give you creative scope to experiment with the message you want to portray to your potential customers. Read on for some of the benefits these colourful spheres of joy can offer your business.


They stand out

While giveaways such as pens, notebooks and tote bags are fine, they’re also a bit bland. In contrast, printed balloons are bold and eye-catching. They are also good at attracting the attention of children and their parents, which may be a great way to start a conversation. Printed balloons, especially in large quantities, can be an excellent means of increasing brand recognition, especially if they are used regularly and widely.


They are aesthetically pleasing

Printed balloons, in all their bright and colourful glory, can help promote a more playful and positive atmosphere at your business events. This is because they are associated with upbeat celebrations such as birthday parties. Creating a light-hearted mood can be a great way to put your potential customers at ease and boost their positive feelings towards your business. This may also make it easier to engage in meaningful conversations and interactions with people.

The wide range of design options gives you the freedom to be creative and build beautiful designs for your events. Arches are an elegant and striking way to jazz up your events and may be used at entry points for the strongest effect. Columns and table features can also be used to decorate and spread brand awareness. You can also select from a range of colours and shades, such as rose gold and silver. You may also want to include a picture, quote and/or logo in your design.


They are easy to order and high quality

Unlike ordering items such as caps and pens, printed balloons have a quick turnaround time. They are generally delivered within 2-4 days after placement of the order (possibly quicker if required). They are made with sturdy and reliable materials such as biodegradable latex, which is gentle on the environment.  It also means that the product quality is high, so you’ll avoid having them burst at inopportune moments. They can be filled with helium or air.

Their reproduction quality is also strong – they often use the impress method, which is the most durable of the available techniques. The impress method ensures that the image quality is the same when it is inflated, and that the image won’t crack or peel off.

The steps required to order a batch is simple:

  1. Select your desired colour(s)
  2. Create your design and submit it
  3. Approve the design confirmation
  4. Make your payment
  5. Await delivery

The inflatables may also be delivered pre-filled with air or helium in order to make placement easier. It may also be possible to have the designs put up for you on-site by staff.


They improve brand authority

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using printed balloons in your marketing and outreach strategy is that they increase your brand’s credibility. This is due to the fact that people associate them with high profile businesses who can afford them – they are almost a luxury, of sorts. Having regular ones is ordinary – having printed balloons with your business logo on them is special. Essentially, using them to promote your brand is a great idea as it creates an air of indulgence and quality.

printed balloons


They leave a lasting impression

Whilst attracting initial attention is important, creating an impression that stands the test of time will do wonders for your business. Creative, out-of-the-ordinary methods are a great way to do this. Additionally, offering printed balloons as a giveaway ensures that potential customers go home with a token of your business, thus remembering you later in the day.


They can be cost effective

It is essential to budget for marketing and promotional activities. Printed balloons can be an affordable means of promoting your brand – costing as little as 25c a piece! And unlike traditional marketing such as magazine advertisements, which only last for the duration of the publication, inflatables may be reused for years on end.



Printed balloons are a sophisticated and impressive way to increase your business’ outreach and authority. Consider using large quantities in the form of arches, columns and table décor for the strongest effect. Using them at regular events is also beneficial.