5 Reasons Why People Use Teak Furniture for Outdoor Furnishing

5 Reasons Why People Use Teak Furniture for Outdoor Furnishing

If you’ve observed well, you’ll find that recently, there’s a trend for outdoor furniture.  Most people are adorning their patios with teak furniture. Also, try to carry out a search on google with the keyword, ‘patio furniture.’ You’ll be shocked to find a couple of ads for these products.

If you decide to check out the items being advertised, you’ll see that they are quite expensive. This, and the ongoing trend is an indication that there’s something special about outdoor teak furniture that you don’t know about yet.

Voila, we’re here to expose you to the amazing world of these products so that you too can have people marvel at your patio!

We’ll show you the reasons why outdoor furnishing of this kind is becoming widespread, but first, let’s start with the first step. Let’s introduce you to teak furniture.

What Is This Wood?

Teak wood is gotten from the native hardwood tree mostly found in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Burma. These trees grow as tall as 200 feet, making them able to produce large numbers of timber.

The native Southeast Asians whose trees grow on their soil use the wood in building their homes and making tools. But a wood that is durable and flexible will surely grow legs and tour the world. So is the story of teak wood.

Soon, this wood was transported to other parts of the world and used for ship making as the wood could stand harsh weather conditions. These days, the wood is used for both outdoor and indoor products, and carvings, in addition to building ships and houses.

What Makes Teak Furniture So Special?

Teak furniture

Here are the reasons why people are increasingly using this type of product for their patio furnishing.

#1. It is Durable

This wood is one of the most durable woods out there. It can stay in perfect condition for a good 30 years and more, which is why over the years, it’s been used to build boats. The secret to this is the tight grain and rich oil content.

Since outdoor furnishing requires wood that can stand all kinds of weather conditions and remain strong and beautiful, it’s no wonder why most people choose this wood, despite the price.

#2. It Does not Require Treatment

For many kinds of wood used for outdoor furnishing, you will need to treat them to keep them beautiful as they age. This is different for teak furniture wood. The wood naturally has a sweet honey color. As the sun beats down on it and it ages, these products take a silver-grey coating, which is as beautiful as the honey color.

If you would want your teak furniture to maintain its honey color, however, you’ll need to get sealers. This will help protect your furniture from the harsh rays of the sun. You will have to be purchasing sealers regularly as they last for about a year.

3. It is Luxurious and Stylish

It is not just that teak furniture is durable but also that it can be styled to perfection. A quick search on teak furniture styles will confirm this. It almost seems as if the product’s only mission is to add luxury and class to your patio. The wood is already gorgeous without coating. However, you can choose to add a gloss finish to your outdoor teak furniture to express your style better.

4. It is Rot and Termite Resistant

There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering after a year that your expensive outdoor furnishing has been degraded by termites or acid. This type of wood does not only hold well against adverse weather conditions but also rot. The reason for this is the abundance of the wood’s natural oils, which repels insects, pests, and moisture from ruining the wood.

5. It is Versatile

We may have related this wood in this article to patios and outdoor furnishings. The reality is that these are just a start to the usage of teak wood. You can use the wood to furnish the interiors of your house – use it to make your chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, and even picture frames. We discovered that once you’ve enjoyed the benefits of teak as furniture, you mostly want it for all your furnishing needs.