Why the Best Paella Restaurants in Sydney Are Better Than Other City Cuisines


So popular is the paella dish that the cuisine happens to have its very own emoji for Whatsapp users.

This might be a small indication of progress, but it has become as mainstream in 2019 as visiting a Chinese, Italian, Korean, Thai, Indian or Mexican establishment in the city.

That is why residents in the capital of NSW are well placed to locate the best paella catering in Sydney and use them as a regular source of eat-in or takeaway when they have those cravings for lunch or dinner time.

First introduced in the Spanish region of Valencia, this seafood and rice mixture can be crafted through a variety of different ingredients.

Made for large groups and with a healthy recipe underpinning its success, this is one of the most successful exports that has found its way across George St and beyond.

From Parramatta in the West to Coogee in the East, Willoughby in the North and Cronulla in the South, these hotspots have become enticing to the taste buds and intoxicating to the senses.

So what exactly makes them such a delicious proposition?


Healthy Dishes for Patrons


With a healthy dose of protein, carbohydrates and caloric qualities, the best paella catering in Sydney is a healthy alternative for those that are watching their waist. Much like the success of sushi establishments, Subway fast food outlets and healthy eating alternatives that are offering a substantive option for conscious consumers, this Spanish food helps to combat issues ranging from diabetes to high blood pressure.


Big Portions for Groups and Parties

There is a reason why many citizens in this city decide to call up their paella catering in Sydney and make an order to go. When they arrive at home they have a full assortment of foods and flavours at their disposal to compliment a family gathering or a party with invited guests. This is party food in Spain and is often seen as crowd pleaser for an occasion that would be leisurely, seeing people walk by a buffet-style table to serve themselves a hot dish. Heading to a Chinese, Italian or Indian establishment can be difficult for numerous patrons because of the cooking time and variety in the cuisine, a scenario that can see extended waiting times and minimal portions available.


Locally Sourced Ingredients

It can be hard to know whether certain outlets are utilising MSG or cutting their costs with pre-packaged ingredients. Unless we go behind the tables and into the kitchen, we would only be speculating. Yet quality control when it comes to ingredients is not a concern with paella catering in Sydney have to worry about. From the tomatoes to the rice, smoked paprika, green beans, rosemary and white meat (fish, duck or rabbit), these are all items that can be sourced directly from the markets around Darling Harbour.


Quick Cooking Turnaround

The paella catering in Sydney will have done all of the prep work as the chefs have the chicken stock, ingredients and frying pan ready to go with the olive oil. Once an order has been made and the ticket sent, the first dishes can be plated inside 20-25 minutes. That kind of turnaround in a populated city environment is incredibly valuable as patrons do not want extensive waiting times.


Trending Spanish Cuisine

If you are really looking to impress a date or a group of friends from out of town, then having one of the best paella caterings in Sydney as a go-to outlet will be worth your while. Much like the boom of sushi establishments during the 1990s and early 2000s, this is a trending industry as locals and visitors are opening their eyes (and mouths) to what this Spanish delicacy has to offer.