Vinyl Stain Tips for Flooring

Tiled vinyl flooring can be a cost efficient way to replace old, outdated flooring. However, vinyl does have a tendency to stain fairly easily. Below are some valuable tips to get those stubborn stains out of this type of flooring.

Before you get started, make sure to use a white cloth, as colored fabric may stain your vinyl even more. Also, if you have a gas stove, make sure to turn off your pilot light as some of these solutions involve flammable chemicals. Remember to protect yourself and wear rubber gloves when using chemicals. And lastly, always test an area of your floor that is hidden first, to make sure the solution does not further discolor your floor.


A. Bleach – For liquid stains such as fruit juice, tomato juice or wine, household bleach may do the trick. Mix one part bleach and two parts water. Soak a rag in the solution and lay the rag over the stain, letting it soak for however long is necessary.

B. Oxalic Acid – For stubborn rust stains, use oxalic acid, which can also be labeled as “wood bleach.” Wet a rag with the solution, lay the rag on the stain and let it soak until you see the stain disappear.