The Different Types of Scaffoldings Used in Construction



For those people out there who manage construction sites, they will be wanting to know all about the safety procedures that they have to follow. This is because they will be wanting to avoid any fines when a site inspection occurs but also because they want to ensure that all of their workers are not at risk. There are many basic ways that people are able to achieve this such as not letting their employees work for too long and ensuring that everyone takes regular breaks. Another way that people are able to do this is by using specialised equipment. For instance, when employees have to complete work that is higher than ground level, they will need to hire scaffoldings. This is a temporary structure which is set up on the inside or on the outside of a building which people are able to stand on while they complete the necessary work.

While most people will know this, they may not know that there are all different types of scaffoldings that can be used on construction sites. One example of this is single options which are generally used for brick masonry. As there are options that are more suitable for different kinds of work, this article will explore this topic a little further so that people are able to make an educated decision.













Kwikstage scaffoldings are the most commonly used

While there are a few options that people are able to choose from, Kwikstafe scaffoldings are generally the most commonly used on construction sites. This is because this system is made from hard wearing galvanised steel which is not only easy to assemble but it is also easy to take down. This is also a suitable system for builders who are working on small projects or for those who are working on large projects. This strong and safe interlocking system can be built to any height which is why it is so popular as well as why it is so strong and safe. In addition to all of this, this system is incredibly light weight which is why it is so easy to cart from place to place. Having said this, people don’t have to purchase these systems outright as there are plenty of companies out there who will allow people to rent scaffoldings from them and they are able to have the systems purchased directly to their job site.



Suspended scaffoldings are great for those who work as painters

Another option that people are able to choose is suspended scaffoldings which are commonly used by painters or by those who complete repair work. This system will see people work with the assistance of chains, wires, and ropes and the working platform is suspended from roofs. One of the many reasons why people will choose this option is because it can be lifted and lowered to the desired level. This makes it perfect for those who have to work at different heights throughout the day such as those who are painting the side of a building. This way, they are able to easily complete the task at hand and are able to have peace of mind knowing that they are completely safe while doing so. As it can be see, it is incredibly important that people use these kind of systems and that they don’t try to create their own makeshift ones. There is no prices that can be put on safety which is why people could undergo random safety checks on their site at any time. As this is the case, it is always the best move to look into professional scaffoldings.