Is The Busy Light Program Right For Your Company?


In 2019 your company will face a lot of challenges with some expected and others coming out of the blue.

From issues with productivity to other competitors entering the market and fluctuating costs with suppliers, there will always be an issue that presents itself over a given week.

This is where a modern organization requires an adaptable operating model, offering a degree of flexibility and efficiency to override many of those common problems.

A busy light program is one of those assets, enabling specialists to be notified of calls and the status of conversations simply by integrating them into a digital device.

From synchronization with a Skype account to connecting with a laptop, desktop or mobile phone, each light alters users and departments about the nature of the call to provide transparency and clarity for all parties.

Should you be weighing up the merits of such a program, it is worthwhile to ask yourself some key questions to assess whether or not this will be a good fit for your brand.


Need To Boost Worker Productivity?

From an open to a closed call status, or a hands-free to an on-site notification, the busy light program will offer complete transparency for 2019 businesses. Interruptions and disturbances will happen from time to time, but they should not prove to be enough of a distraction that calls are lost or customers hang up because they have not been able to speak with a representative in a matter of minutes. When there is confusion between workers about a status or they are situated a distance from their desk where they cannot hear the ring, that is when productivity levels can be considered poor.


Increase Standard of Customer Service?

Customer service is the bedrock of many businesses in 2019, pure and simple. A poor display in this setting can see consumers flock away from the brand as purchase orders are left to flounder and key questions and inquiries are left unattended to for days or weeks at a time. The busy light program will ensure that any operator who works in this field will be available and on call ASAP for those customers that need to communicate with the company. Even if they cannot be attended to during that call, this system allocates a direct line of communication that notifies callers about their placement and has operators ready to switch from a current call to a holding call.


Have Multiple Departments?

Those larger companies who switch between multiple departments at any given moment, from accounts and billing to customer inquiries and technical issues, the busy light program can be customized to meet those needs. The unique colour coding specifications are part of that equation, allowing for a digital dashboard and framework where individuals can be notified in real time.


Have Flexible Working Environments?

No two professionals are the same as there will be different parameters up and down the commercial hierarchy of an organisation. The good news about a busy light program is that its adaptability is useful for CEOs who are in transit, to commercial managers who switch between home and the office, and those customer service stations where their location is static. If there is flexibility necessary for a brand, this type of initiative allows for uniformity even in spite of the difference in circumstances and location.



So there we have a rundown of the key questions surrounding the busy light program. In 2019 there will be a litany of businesses from various sectors looking to this technology to help their daily operation, so take note of the answers you give to these questions and make a merit-based judgment on the positives and negatives of such an installation.