3 Important Ways A Divorce Lawyer in Sydney Can Assist You


Romantic relationships are the most rewarding and pleasurable parts of life – however, not all of them end under the best circumstances. This is especially true when it comes to married couples as the breakdown of their relationship raises several legal questions that need to be answered.

When two people decide to get married, they agree to equally share their assets between one another. This includes sharing the custody of any children that are born as a result of the relationship.

While marriage is meant to be a lifelong bond, it is unfortunately quite common for partners to end the relationship. There could be many reasons for this, but it most commonly occurs when one or both partners no longer have the same affection for the other.

This can lead to instances of infidelity where partners pursue sexual and/or romantic companionship with others outside of their marriage. Many divorce processes start as a result of one party discovering the other has been unfaithful.

If you live in metropolitan New South Wales and feel that your marriage is irreconcilably doomed, then it makes sense that you would want to engage to a professional divorce lawyer in Sydney. They have the expertise, experience and resources necessary to help you navigate the complexities of the family law system and leave the marriage confidently ready for the next chapter in your life.

Let’s take a look at a few situations where you’ll benefit from engaging to a divorce lawyer in Sydney.


1.     Applying for divorce

divorce papers inside the court

The first and most obvious way a divorce lawyer in Sydney can assist you is by helping you to start and finish the divorce process. In Australia, getting a legally recognised divorce isn’t quite as simple as going up to a judge and saying “we’re calling it quits”.

In order to get a divorce you need to satisfy the court that you have ‘irreconcilable differences’ with your partner. This means that there is absolutely no chance of you working through the problems of the marriage and salvaging it.

A family law solicitor is able to help you satisfy the requirements for getting a divorce and assist with the related paperwork. They are even able to serve divorce papers to your ex-partner or their legal representative.


2.     Negotiating outside of the courtroom

In Australia the family law system is notoriously overflowing with cases that seek to be litigated in court by a judge. Understandably, the court system has limited resources and can’t hear every single case in a timely manner.

This has led the court system to encourage disputing ex-partners to settle family law issues outside of the courtroom via the mediation process. A divorce lawyer in Sydney are able to help facilitate and guide this mediation process.

The aim of this ADR (alternative dispute resolution) process is to help disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable settlement regarding issues like property settlement and child custody. Arrangements that are reach this way are far more likely to be accepted and adhered to by both parties which leads to better overall outcomes for all involved, especially any children.


3.     Emotional support

One thing many people don’t know about divorce lawyers in Sydney is that they are also great at emotionally supporting their client through their family law issue. While they’re not counsellors, family law solicitors are traditionally very good listeners and excel at translating your emotional needs and wants into actionable legal strategy.

The divorce lawyer in Sydney that you choose to engage will act as your closest ally and confidant during this difficult process. This is why you should always engage a solicitor that you have built a good rapport with and can trust implicitly.