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Investment And Property Rights In Yugoslavia

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This book was first published in 1992. For decades Yugoslavia had been developing its own model of socialism based on workers' self-management and the increasing use of the market mechanism. As a result, many scholars view the Yugoslav economy differently from other socialist systems. In this book, Dr Milica Uvalic demonstrates how some of the fundamental features of the Yugoslav economy have remained similar to those characterising other socialist economies. Dr Uvalic focuses on theoretical and empirical issues related to investment in Yugoslavia since 1965. She examines investment policies, sources of finance, macroeconomic performance, enterprise incentives, and current property reforms in relation to Western theory on investment behaviour in the labour-managed firm and Kornai's theory on socialist economies. In line with Kornai's theory, the author argues that investment reforms have not led to substantially changed enterprise behaviour, which illustrates the limited results to be expected from partial reforms in a socialist economy. The fundamental problems in Yugoslavia are thus generic to socialist economic systems, rather that the specific characteristic of self-management.

Property Investment Decisions

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The importance of property as an investment medium continues to grow. Investors in property or those involved with the provision of expert advice to investors have had to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their decision making. The aim of this book is to lay down the theoretical foundations of investment decision making, incorporating the techniques and procedures of modern management science, so that particular decisions regarding property investment can be made efficiently and rationally.

Successful Property Investment

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When done correctly, real estate investment is exciting, rewarding and lucrative - in any economy. Everything that I have achieved so far has not happened by accident. I came from a working class background yet still made a success in property investment; turning a 5k overdraft into over 15m in assets, with over half a million in rental income annually. If you have a dream or are yet to dream, then join me as I narrate my journey. Discover the challenges I faced, the lessons I learned and the obstacles I overcame - as I reveal how anyone can change their current reality, for the better, through successful property investment!

Hernando De Soto And Property In A Market Economy

RRP $457.99

Hernando de Soto is one of the world's leading public intellectuals. His books The Mystery of Capital and The Other Path have had a tremendous impact on debates about international development. But his work also has been controversial, and some of his arguments have received sustained criticism. One of de Soto's core ideas is that the institution of private property is necessary for the proper functioning of a market economy. Yet even though many property scholars closely follow de Soto's work, his ideas have been neglected in property law scholarship. And although his work has been widely discussed in the context of property in developing countries, it has not had the same impact on the property issues that arise in mature market economies like the United States. This new collection seeks to remedy this neglect, bringing together a diverse group of scholars to apply de Soto's work to a wide range of contemporary issues in property law and theory. The important contribution it makes to debates and controversies in property law, as well as in related economic fields, will appeal to scholars of both law and economics.

D. Benjamin Barros, Widener University School of Law, USA

In Hernando de Soto and Property in a Market Economy, leading property scholars masterfully illuminate, challenge, and build on de Soto's work, connecting it to central questions of property theory and social policy. This perceptive and multi-faceted exploration of how ownership works (or fails to work) offers essential insights to anyone interested in property rights and institutions.

Lee Anne Fennell, University of Chicago Law School, USA

This collection is a rich exploration and critique of Hernando de Soto's contributions to our understanding of the relation between the institution of property and the market economy. It is an essential resource for all interested in the theoretical, social, economic and historical underpinnings of land titling, and more generally property law and institutions, as a tool in economic development.

Claire Priest, Yale Law School, USA

Encouraging A Continuing Personal Investment In Learning

RRP $262.99

The writing of this book was in part supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSFEHR 0335369). It represents a significant extension and enriched interpretation of earlier work on "motivation as an instructional outcome" (e.g., Maehr, 1976). Such enrichment and enhancement was prompted by the work on the project as it was conceptualized and envisioned by Paul Pintrich---and later, following his untimely death, carried out by a cadre of students and colleagues, including especially his Wife, Life Partner and also oft-time collaborator in multiple research and scholarly endeavors: Dr. Elizabeth DeGroot as well as several colleagues, including, the author of this volume and Dr. Stuart Karabenick. Of course, it is the primary author of this volume who must bear the responsibility for omissions, errors and interpretations that may have slipped into the text. But whatever portions of this volume may be deemed worthy of consideration and possibly of some value for fellow scholars presently or in the future --- and also contribute in at least some small way not only to continuing scholarly study of "The Most important attitude that can be formed: "That of Desire to go on Learning." But therewith here and there also prove useful not only for scholars and the development of an increased understanding of the nature and nurture of motivation and its impact on the pursuit of knowledge but also prove useful to students in preparing to become educators--- and perhaps also of value to experienced educational practitioners ---- and here there maybe also to parents and others with a concern for the nature and nurture of excellence in teaching and learning.


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