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Property Investment Decisions

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The importance of property as an investment medium continues to grow. Investors in property or those involved with the provision of expert advice to investors have had to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their decision making. The aim of this book is to lay down the theoretical foundations of investment decision making, incorporating the techniques and procedures of modern management science, so that particular decisions regarding property investment can be made efficiently and rationally.

Investment And Property Rights In Yugoslavia

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This book was first published in 1992. For decades Yugoslavia had been developing its own model of socialism based on workers' self-management and the increasing use of the market mechanism. As a result, many scholars view the Yugoslav economy differently from other socialist systems. In this book, Dr Milica Uvalic demonstrates how some of the fundamental features of the Yugoslav economy have remained similar to those characterising other socialist economies. Dr Uvalic focuses on theoretical and empirical issues related to investment in Yugoslavia since 1965. She examines investment policies, sources of finance, macroeconomic performance, enterprise incentives, and current property reforms in relation to Western theory on investment behaviour in the labour-managed firm and Kornai's theory on socialist economies. In line with Kornai's theory, the author argues that investment reforms have not led to substantially changed enterprise behaviour, which illustrates the limited results to be expected from partial reforms in a socialist economy. The fundamental problems in Yugoslavia are thus generic to socialist economic systems, rather that the specific characteristic of self-management.

Successful Property Investment

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When done correctly, real estate investment is exciting, rewarding and lucrative - in any economy. Everything that I have achieved so far has not happened by accident. I came from a working class background yet still made a success in property investment; turning a 5k overdraft into over 15m in assets, with over half a million in rental income annually. If you have a dream or are yet to dream, then join me as I narrate my journey. Discover the challenges I faced, the lessons I learned and the obstacles I overcame - as I reveal how anyone can change their current reality, for the better, through successful property investment!

Intellectual Property Enforcement

RRP $452.99

This important book is the first detailed analytical treatment of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) and its impact on intellectual property enforcement. The ACTA had been formulated to deal with the burgeoning growth in the trade in counterfeit and pirate products which was estimated to have increased ten-fold since the promulgation of the TRIPS Agreement in 1994. The book clarifies how the ACTA supplements the enforcement provisions of the TRIPS Agreement, namely by: expanding the reach of border protection to infringing goods in transit; providing greater detail of the implementation of civil enforcement and; providing for the confiscation of the proceeds of intellectual property crimes. As the book illustrates, a significant additional innovation is the introduction of provisions dealing with enforcement of intellectual property rights in the digital environment. This book will strongly appeal to intellectual property rights policymakers at the World Trade Organization and World Intellectual Property Organization, legal practitioners, academics and students.

The Investment Approach To Employee Assistance Programs

RRP $256.99

The costs of substance abuse in the workplace are staggering. Workplace substance abuse adversely affects shareholder, the workforce, customers, and society. The employee assistance program (EAP) has demonstrated its effectiveness in combating the many types of personal problems that impair work performance. EAPs come in many forms, but each costs money. Smits and Pace provide a practical guide to help corporate decision makers construct and fund an EAP tailored to their needs. To help insure a reasonable return on the corporation's EAP investment, the authors suggest linking it strategically to other human resource programs and operating it in a businesslike manner with performance objectives, measurement systems, and accountability for agreed-upon outcomes. The investment model organizes the book into three parts and concludes with an integrative case designed to help the reader apply the concepts presented in the first ten chapters. Part I, Making the Investment, focuses on needs, options, and investment levels. It encourages the reader to think about the EAP as part of a portfolio of human resource programs linked strategically to the organization's business strategy. Part II, Managing the Investment, examines the nuts and bolts of the implementation and operation of the EAP. Part III, Monitoring the Investment, advocates an EAP management information system to help improve EAP efficiency and tttttttveness, to assess the return on investment, and to help guide corporate decision makers when reinvesting in their EAP.


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