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Real Estate Investment

RRP $299.99

This book fills a gap in the existing resources available to students and professionals requiring an academically rigorous, but practically orientated source of knowledge about real estate finance. Written byÿa bank vice-president who for many years has practiced as a commercial lender and who teaches real estate investment at university level, and an academic whose area of study is finance and particularly valuation, this book will lead readers to truly understand the fundamentals of making a sound real estate investment decision. The focus is primarily on the valuation of leased properties such as apartment buildings, office buildings, retail centers, and warehouse space, rather than on owner occupied residential property.

The Legal Protection Of Foreign Investment

RRP $374.99

The law of foreign investment is at a crossroads. In the wake of an unprecedented global financial crisis and a sharp surge of investment arbitration cases, states around the world are reflecting on the pros and cons of the current liberal investment regime and exploring new ways ahead. This book brings together leading investment lawyers from more than 20 main jurisdictions of the world to tackle the challenge of producing a first comparative study of foreign investment law. Based on the General and National Reports presented at the 'Protection of Foreign Investment' Session at the 18th International Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law (Washington DC, July 2010), the book is a unique resource for investment lawyers. Part I of the book presents a comparative overview of key aspects of foreign investment protection in the world today, including admission, investment contracts, treatment standards, tax regime and incentives, performance requirement, property and expropriation, monetary transfer and dispute settlement. Part II presents in-depth and detailed accounts of the investment laws of more than 20 jurisdictions, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Turkey, the UK and the USA. The book will be an invaluable guide to legal and business communities with an interest in the law and practice of foreign investment in the world in general and in these jurisdictions in particular.

Successful Property Investment

RRP $14.29

When done correctly, real estate investment is exciting, rewarding and lucrative - in any economy. Everything that I have achieved so far has not happened by accident. I came from a working class background yet still made a success in property investment; turning a 5k overdraft into over 15m in assets, with over half a million in rental income annually. If you have a dream or are yet to dream, then join me as I narrate my journey. Discover the challenges I faced, the lessons I learned and the obstacles I overcame - as I reveal how anyone can change their current reality, for the better, through successful property investment!

Independence, Propertylessness, And Basic Income 2013

RRP $302.99

Independence, Propertylessness, and Basic Income argues that philosophers have focused too much on scalar freedom and proposes a theory of status freedom as effective control self-ownership: the power to have or refuse active cooperation with other willing people, or simply: freedom as the power to say no.

Foreign Direct Investment In Russia

RRP $519.99

Russia has the market, the abundant natural resources and the human skills that foreign investors seek. Nevertheless, it still plunged into a post-reform crisis. Myopic policies based on short-term portfolio investments and massive imports have turned an otherwise promising transition to a market economy into a traumatic experience for the Russian people. The situation can be redressed through investments in the real economy. Russia's policy-makers need to spell out a viable and reassuring strategy to attract and optimize foreign investments. This book presents a new concept for foreign direct investment (FDI) and practical guidelines for implementing it in the five-year period 2000-5. The strategic approach to revitalize the economy through FDI can also be applied by authorities in other countries. Well-conceived FDI can benefit both the host country as well as the investor. This book therefore informs corporate executives about the advantages of becoming insiders in difficult markets through a local operation, be it a wholly-owned subsidiary or a joint venture. Special country chapters on the large emerging markets of China, India, Mexico and Russia provide potential investors with comparative information on investment patterns, future trends and legislation.


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Rich Riches Day Trading Trading Strategies
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