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Real Estate Investment

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This book fills a gap in the existing resources available to students and professionals requiring an academically rigorous, but practically orientated source of knowledge about real estate finance. Written byÿa bank vice-president who for many years has practiced as a commercial lender and who teaches real estate investment at university level, and an academic whose area of study is finance and particularly valuation, this book will lead readers to truly understand the fundamentals of making a sound real estate investment decision. The focus is primarily on the valuation of leased properties such as apartment buildings, office buildings, retail centers, and warehouse space, rather than on owner occupied residential property.

Investment And Property Rights In Yugoslavia

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This book was first published in 1992. For decades Yugoslavia had been developing its own model of socialism based on workers' self-management and the increasing use of the market mechanism. As a result, many scholars view the Yugoslav economy differently from other socialist systems. In this book, Dr Milica Uvalic demonstrates how some of the fundamental features of the Yugoslav economy have remained similar to those characterising other socialist economies. Dr Uvalic focuses on theoretical and empirical issues related to investment in Yugoslavia since 1965. She examines investment policies, sources of finance, macroeconomic performance, enterprise incentives, and current property reforms in relation to Western theory on investment behaviour in the labour-managed firm and Kornai's theory on socialist economies. In line with Kornai's theory, the author argues that investment reforms have not led to substantially changed enterprise behaviour, which illustrates the limited results to be expected from partial reforms in a socialist economy. The fundamental problems in Yugoslavia are thus generic to socialist economic systems, rather that the specific characteristic of self-management.

Successful Property Investment

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When done correctly, real estate investment is exciting, rewarding and lucrative - in any economy. Everything that I have achieved so far has not happened by accident. I came from a working class background yet still made a success in property investment; turning a 5k overdraft into over 15m in assets, with over half a million in rental income annually. If you have a dream or are yet to dream, then join me as I narrate my journey. Discover the challenges I faced, the lessons I learned and the obstacles I overcame - as I reveal how anyone can change their current reality, for the better, through successful property investment!

Intellectual Property In Global Governance

RRP $457.99

Intellectual Property in Global Governance critically examines the evolution of international intellectual property law-making from the build up to the TRIPS Agreement, through the TRIPS and post-TRIPS era. The book focuses on a number of thematic intellectual property issue linkages, exploring the formal and informal institutional interactions and multi-stakeholder holder intrigues implicated in the global governance of intellectual property. Using examples from bio-technology, bio-diversity, bio-prospecting and bio-piracy it investigates the shift or concentration in the focus of innovation from physical to life sciences and the ensuing changes in international intellectual property law making and their implications for intellectual property jurisprudence. It examines the character of the reception, resistance and various nuanced reactions to the changes brought about by the TRIPS Agreement, exploring the various institutional sites and patterns of such responses, as well as the escalation in the issue-linkages associated with the concept and impact of intellectual property law.

Drawing upon multiple methodological approaches including law and legal theory; regime theory, globalization and global governance Chidi Oguamanam explores the intellectual property dynamics in the "Global Knowledge Economy" focusing on digitization and information revolution phenomenon and the concept of a post-industrial society. The book articulates an agenda for global governance of intellectual property law in the 21st century and speculates on the future of intellectual property in North-South relations.

A Complete Guide To Retirement Saving And Investment

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This book is written to assist you in identifying the topics that pertain to you and in developing a realistic plan to get your arms around what you've already saved for retirement and start planning seriously for the future. If you're like a lot of people, you have probably changed jobs - or even careers - many times over the years. You probably weren't thinking too much about retirement, even if you did participate in one or more employer-sponsored retirement plans and opened a few registered individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Having reached your midlife years, there's a good chance you have a collection of plans and accounts scattered around, although off the top of your head, you may not know exactly where they all are and what each is invested in. Now it's time to get organized. This may seem like a daunting task. For starters, if record-keeping is not your forte, you may be unsure of where to start your search. Feeling unsure that you'll like what you find, you may have procrastinated. That is why I wrote this book - because we know that having some guidance can help you take the steps you need to in order to help secure your future.


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