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Wealth - A Book Of Proverbs

RRP $13.99

Wealth - A Book of Proverbs is a book of wit and wisdom. It includes a series of proverbs, sayings, and jingles that provide guidance for making money, working hard, building a family, keeping a positive attitude, and creating a successful life. There's advice about diligence, dedication, discipline, habits, and education--memorable words to live by. They can be memorized easily because they are short and simple, and they have a ring of common sense. These proverbs provide inspiration that will help one to achieve personal success.

A Wealth Of Buildings

RRP $361.99

This two-volume book explores how the great buildings of England bear witness to a thousand years of the nation's history. In every age, investment in iconic buildings reaches a climax when the prevailing mode of production is operating most effectively, surplus wealth is most plentiful, and the dominant class rules supreme. During such periods of stability and prosperity, the demand for new buildings is strong, structural and stylistic innovations abound, and there is fierce competition to build for lasting fame. Each such climax produces a unique vintage of buildings that are an expression of cultural hegemony. They are monuments to the wealth and power of those who ruled their world.

This second volume presents three case studies of iconic building investment from the eighteenth century to the present day. During the eighteenth century the wealth of the great landed estates funded the golden age of country house building by aristocracy and gentry. During the nineteenth century the Industrial Revolution unleashed an unprecedented wave of infrastructure investment and civic building by the ascendant capitalist class. Since the late twentieth century the power of global financial capital has been symbolized by the relentless rise of city centre office towers. A final chapter argues that these different forms of hegemonic building are a physical manifestation of the underlying rhythm of English history.

Outsmarting Yourself To Save Money And Build Wealth

RRP $16.99

This is an illuminating book by author Mark Ortega which leads the reader from experiences of past failure to a new adventure full of hopeful possibilities This book is unique among others in the field of personal finance. In it, the author reveals the methods, experiences, and thoughts he himself applied to be much more successful in the area of saving money and building wealth. We are living in times of great change. Jobs are being lost a thousand at a time. Proposed solutions from government leaders have many people scratching their heads. People are asking, "What can I do as an individual to help myself?" Mark Ortega's book, Outsmarting Yourself to Save Money & Build Wealth" shows you what you can do. You don't have to remain stuck in the same old rut. He explains the steps you need to take to create a better life experience for yourself and your family. You can stay where you are, or you can decide that you want to get started in a new and better direction today. This book is written from the heart. It's not a book of merely cold numbers and facts. It attempts to get at the reasons you don't do what you need to do to be financially successful. It contains stories and anecdotes to both encourage you and get to the core of the issues. This book will touch you, and hopefully change you for the better. Today people are searching for solutions that speak to them on a personal level. "Outsmarting Yourself to Save Money and Build Wealth" is a book that attempts to fill that need. It's a guide to a potentially greater future for you and your family. You don't want to pass up this opportunity.

Green Energy Audit Of Buildings

RRP $29.99

Energy audits have multiple goals including reducing energy consumption, managing costs and environmental impact. Improving the energy performance of existing buildings through energy retrofit measures is a great opportunity for developing sustainability in our structures and developing a green building economy. Green Energy Audit of Buildings considers this opportunity with a new and modern interpretation of the classic methodologies.

This comprehensive guide to green energy audits integrates energy audit and LEED(r) methodologies to focus on energy and environment as strategic elements. In addition to these methodologies, Green Energy Audit of Buildings includes 45 check-list for field surveys and97 technical sheets of possible energy retrofit actions that can be applied to existing real-world cases.

Covering both the technical and economical points of view, Green Energy Audit of Buildings provides a comprehensive understanding and method for analyzing buildings and facilities in order to promote sustainability. Engineers, architects, energy assessors and mangers in charge of building maintenance will all find this a key reference as well as lecturers, students and researchers looking to develop their understanding of sustainable buildings.


Money And Wealth

RRP $16.99

Debt is slavery! Few people fully understand economics, money, wealth, credit, debt, inflation, currency, and circulation. As a result, they are targeted by con artists. Not just con artists in their neighborhood, but con artists on Wall Street and in government (at all levels). And often these people don't realize they are con artists. They think they are doing the right thing. You probably already know that money gives you more freedom to choose. After studying this little book, you will know how to protect yourself more effectively against the con artists who take advantage of your ignorance and pick your pockets.


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