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Poor Horse On A Rich Hill

RRP $14.99

Families occasionally, and unintentionally, find themselves adopting animals-a daughter brings a goldfish home from a party, a son finds a lizard in the backyard, or a stray cat stops in for a saucer of milk and never leaves. For Mary Neiswender and her family, it is a horse.

Miss Gay is as close to human as a horse can get, and like most humans, she is a pain. Many nights Mary finds herself trudging through the rain, glasses fogging, shoes squishing through the mud eroding off one of the richest Los Angeles hillsides, trying to find her wandering, one-of-a-kind horse. This big, red, one-eyed horse, with a sway back, knobby knees, and very few teeth is a disgrace to the posh neighborhood, but she quickly becomes family to the Neiswenders. The only thing they know about horses is what they've seen in western movies and television shows, but what they lack in practical knowledge, they make up for in love and compassion.

This chronicle of their hilarious adventures with Miss Gay is full of laughs and touching moments that people of all ages will enjoy. It's endearing. It's preposterousAnd it's all true!

10 More Secrets To Becoming A Rich Caterer

RRP $15.99

A continuation of "10 Secrets to Becoming a Rich Caterer" and the fourth book in the "Rich Caterer" series. More great information on how to become wealthy by owning your own catering business.

Get Rich In A Niche

RRP $34.99

Get Rich in a Niche shows you how to be a niche expert in three well explained steps

1. Become an expert
2. Publish your book
3. Market your book
Become an Expert
Perhaps you have observed a unique need or product that has not been provided. Maybe you notice that there is a lack of information, study programs, or guidance within a particular area. You might even have the answer inside of you that will help people get to where they need to be or reach some sort of professional or personal goal. Success depends on whether or not you meet an important step; to become recognized as an expert.
Are you an expert?
If so, you've successfully asked and answered the following questions:
What is lacking in my industry?
How can I help?
Will others be able to understand the plan?
Will others be willing to pay for this knowledge?
Is there anything that I can offer for free to help build credibility and become "go to" person?
What are some concrete ways that I can get my message out?
We'll show you how to create a huge presence and become the in demand expert.
Teach your subject in continuing education courses
Write captivating articles
Do the things that get your name recognized by your market
Use social networking effectively
See book for more
Jeff's book is complete with planning tools to help you establish yourself as a niche expert/leader.
Self-publishing is a respected avenue for authors. Traditional publishing doesn't always meet niche industry needs. Even if all the customers bought books, there wouldn't be enough sales to warrant the huge financial, time and resource commitment required of a traditional publisher. This is a great opportunity because niche markets have a built in audience with little to no competition. These markets may consist of only a few thousand people and have needs that aren't being directly met by traditional publishers. That's where you come in.
This is different from other self-publishing books. Marketing in a niche is trickier than when offered to more generalized audiences. This book will show you how to apply lessons from successful marketing techniques the author has used and without added business costs.
Whether or not you are engaged in a business, you can begin a publishing company or writing career with little upfront costs. You can simply engage already available resources such as your computer, internet provider and desktop publishing software. If you already have the basics, then you can begin immediately and develop a great business without going into debt.
Let's dispel some myth's to help you understand why it's important for a niche expert like you to embrace self-publishing.
This book will show you how to:
Establish your company
Write a book day by day
Create your book as you build credibility as an expert
Format your book
Self-publish your book
Forget what you've learned about marketing. While others advertise their broad ranging products spending freely, niche marketers have to use more intense focus. Using traditional marketing techniques will cause you to lose money, time and market share.
This book demonstrates how to sell your book by:
Leveraging your steps to becoming an expert
Creating huge online presence
Getting great results with no marketing expenses
Jeff's book also shows you how to earn money from spin off products, newsletters and blogs. It is complete with planning tools to help you develop spin off products. His security certification book led to three related books, training, magnets and other related products.

When Two Become One

RRP $27.50

Gerhard Richter

RRP $1.00

The sixth Gerhard Richter title by HENI Publishing offers a comprehensive account of a largely unexplored aspect of the practice of this widely celebrated artist.The catalogue documents Richter's series of Overpainted Photographs, which he began creating inthe mid 1980s and still engages with today.These works feature informal photographs-often snapshots of the artist's personal life- subsequently obscured under layers of paint. Richter's process often transforms their visual meaning entirely and has created a fascinating and dreamlike body of work. Essays include newly commissioned texts on the subject by acclaimed American art critic Robert Storr, Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator, critic and co-director of Serpentine Galleries, Paul Moorhouse of the National Portrait Gallery, Stefan Gronert, Christine Mehring and Dorothee Brill alongside important reprinted texts on the subject, including essays by Siri Husvedt, Uwe M. Schneede and Botho Strauss.The book is comprised of six volumes-including an index of the works-contained within an elegant slipcase.


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