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Rags To Riches: Hired For His Satisfaction

RRP $20.99

Handsome Daddies! After one incredible night with a sexy businessman, cleaner Rosie Gray finds out she's pregnant. She demands to see Alex Kolovos, the father to her unborn baby. No one knows of this Alex, they only know Alexius the business's CEO. Then Alexius proposes the unbelievable...Tory is loving looking after Chance Montgomery's adorable twins: two sets of beautiful big blue eyes and chubby cheeks. She's taking nappy-changing in her stride, but nothing prepares Tory for being around their handsome daddy day in, day out...Pierce needs a nanny, but Anna, comes with an infant of her own. So now Pierce who never intended to be a father is living in a home filled with babies. And he can't resist desirable Anna. But when a complication threatens everything, will the billionaire daddy fight for what's become his?

10 Incredible Secrets To Becoming A Rich Caterer!

RRP $13.99

If you have ever wanted to have a successful catering business, then this is the book for you! It contains widely regarded and essential money making ideas and everyday activities that are needed to become the best caterer around. With its many secrets to obtaining success and ultimately wealth, this groundbreaking new book by Jeff Dombeck and Karen Bast will give caterers of all experience levels the tools to be successful! Using a common sense approach filled with straight talk and humor, this wonderful guidebook gives aspiring and existing business owners precious information on how to increase their profits through self-development and intelligence. This revelatory book is a magnificent how-to manual for anyone trying to break into the catering industry or for anyone simply trying to enhance their business. Filled with humor, common sense, and most importantly, valuable information, this unique book should be a mainstay for every caterer who wants to maximize their catering businesses potential.

Rags To Riches

RRP $22.99

Remove the Empty Spaces Finding a solution for his boss brings Ion to the point of having his deepest fantasies come true. Being a mailroom clerk is a stepping stone for Ion Vasile. He doesn't plan on working in the basement at Bellamy International forever. Ion spends a lot of his time fantasising about Adrien Bellamy, CEO and President of the company. He's sure Adrien doesn't know he exists. Adrien Bellamy does know Ion exists. Even with all his money and power, Adrien isn't sure Ion would want to go out with him. So he keeps his distance from the gorgeous mail clerk. After Ion finds a solution to a troubling acquisition, Adrien takes a chance and asks him out. Their attraction runs red-hot, and a serious relationship becomes a possibility. But first they have to deal with their families and the differences pointed out between them. Adrien must find a way to convince Ion his lack of money and name doesn't mean anything because Adrien loves him no matter what. Close the Distance Being in love isn't always roses and sunshine. Ion Vasile and Adrien Bellamy start dating and fall in love quickly. As their relationship grows stronger, Ion discovers the fragility of his family ties. As his mother turns against him and his brother seems to be supporting her, Ion begins to lean more and more on Adrien. Adrien wants nothing more than to be strong for Ion and share his own family with him. Yet he's afraid they're moving too fast. He doesn't want to scare the most marvellous man he's ever met away. When tragedy strikes, they both realise life is too short to let fear rule their choices.

Become As A Child

RRP $27.95

This book is the culmination of a twenty-five year search for a return to a Centered state of grace that was revealed to me. The final message, as related in "Become as a Child," is that enlightenment need not be an elusive esoteric search without end but instead a thoughful return to one's beginnings. A sequel to "The Nature of Centered Emotion," this book consists of sixteen consecutive interactive mandalas beginning with the Mandala of Centered Vision and culminating in the Mandala of Celestial Horizons. In a wedding of the material and the spiritual, these mandalas encompass a structure containing both the conditioned primal emotional responses of materialism and the light giving spiritual support that lives in and through our center of consciousness. In a revelation of self-awareness, painful error in ego identification learned in childhood are compassionately revealed and replaced by a quintessential spiritual healing.

A Perichoretic Model Of The Church

RRP $304.99


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Rich Riches Day Trading Trading Strategies
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