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Scientific wealth building secrets! - #3 - Multiplication

This is a series of articles about studying general scientific ideas to create a wealth building system that works according to the laws of the Universe. These concepts come from observing our environment. Scientists have discovered that the laws of nature follow certain patterns. Some physical laws seem to be present everywhere, from the tiny atoms to the enormous stars. Everything on the physical realm tend to be influenced by these laws, therefore they can be applied to your businesses too as you will see in just a few minutes. The whole series contain the following articles . . .

1. Entropy

2. Life

3. Multiplication

4. Synergism

5. Inertia

6. Gravity

7. Diversification Multiplication is everywhere in nature. Living things tend to expand, grow and multiply. On this article I will show how important this fact is for your business. You will be able to apply this concept to your wealth building techniques. Did you ever wonder how we humans go from being a tiny microscopic cell to becoming such relatively big organisms? There are trillions of cells in the average adult human body. We go from being 1 cell to being complex organisms made of 1,000,000,000,000's of cells in about 20 years. That’s a huge amount as you can see. We evolve into such big and complex beings because the human genome has a special biological information that instruct the cells to split and multiply. We like most animals grow really fast during the first years of our life. The cells divide too fast. This period of our existence is characterized by the fact that more cells are born than those which die. After certain age the metabolism slows down. We reach an age where the process reverses and eventually more cells die than those which divide. That’s one of the main reasons we get old. The other reason is DNA mutations and cell damage caused by free radicals. If the cells in our bodies could keep dividing at the same rate that when we were kids and never stop until we would reach our forties or fifties, we would be giant beings. This is what happens with tumor cells. They become immortal and keep multiplying and multiplying and never stop dividing. This has to do with reproduction. Organisms not only reproduce when they generate new individuals of their specie. When two cells divide that’s also reproduction and we humans go through that process fairly often. Biologically speaking the constant fight between life and death depends on how many cells “reproduce” versus how many cells die within our bodies. If our bodies could keep a constant balance between cellular senescence (the aging process of cells which culminates in the cells dying) and cellular mitosis (the process through which cells divide), then we would be able to live many, many years. The other thing to watch out for would be diseases and accidents, but even without any disease nor accident, we are genetically programed to live certain amount of time. The same happens with most other multicellular organisms. New specimens replace old ones and keep the specie alive. Without new specimens , the specie would not be able to survive and it would become extinct. All of these tells us something very important that we can apply to the business world. First we can see how anything that grows exponentially explodes. Even if you start with a very tiny microscopic particle, if you can increase it in size exponentially you will have a huge body within a short period of time. This leads up to the concept of compound interest. I share a lot of information about this subject on other articles. Think about it, you only need to double $1,000 ten times to get one million dollars. That’s for you to understand how important and profitable compound interest is. For example, let’s say that you discover a method to double your money every month. This means that you get 100% profit on your investment every thirty days plus your principal back. What happens then? As I explain above you will be a millionaire within 10 months. Let’s do the math. You start with $1,000, then . . . 1. $2,000 2. $4,000 3. $8,000 4. $16,000 5. $32,000 6. $64,000 7. $128,000

8. $256,000

9. $512,000


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